Does Quicken Work on iPad Computers?

By Tricia Ballad

Quicken on the iPad allows you to manage your finances wherever you are.
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Quicken is the top-selling personal finance software in the United States, according to statistics published by Intuit, the maker of the Quicken software. The Apple iPad holds a similar position in the mobile tablet market. Combined, they offer a powerful mobile financial-management solution for individuals.

Quicken Money Management App

The Quicken Money Management app gives you the ability to enter transactions and check balances on your iPad. The app syncs with the desktop version of Quicken to keep your financial data up to date. The Quicken app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store.

Syncing With Quicken Desktop

The Quicken app uses the Quicken Cloud service to share data between the desktop and mobile versions. To enable syncing between the Quicken mobile app and the desktop version of Quicken, create a Quicken Cloud ID within Quicken 2013 on your desktop. Sync your data to the Quicken Cloud service. Then enter your Quicken Cloud ID and password into the Quicken app on your iPad to download the information to the Quicken app. Transactions from your bank automatically sync with the Quicken app after you set up a Quicken Cloud ID.

Limitations of Quicken on the iPad

The Quicken mobile app is not a full version of the Quicken financial software. It is not intended to be used alone to manage your budget or investments and can only be used with the desktop version of Quicken 2013 for Windows PCs. It does not work with Quicken Essentials for Mac. The Quicken app requires iOS version 5.0 or later.

Security Concerns

Accessing your budget and bank account information on the iPad is convenient, but the device's mobility presents security concerns. You should use the passcode feature in the Quicken app to set a secure passcode and enter your passcode each time you open the app. This prevents anyone else from accessing your information if your iPad is lost or stolen. It also prevents other family members or friends from accidentally viewing or altering your data if your iPad is a shared device.

If the iPad is lost or stolen, you can deactivate the Quicken app from within the Quicken 2013 desktop software. Click the "Mobile & Alerts" tab on the Quicken desktop and select the Quicken Cloud Edit Profile button. On the next screen, click the "Deactivate" link next to the name of your iPad. This prevents the Quicken Mobile app from working on your iPad until you reactivate it but does not delete your information from the Quicken Cloud.