How to Query in Raiser's Edge

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Raiser's Edge is invaluable to fundraising professionals, because you can sort information in amazing ways. If you need information not found in a simple "sort," try writing a query to get the data you need. When done correctly, the query pulls the data that you request.

Look at the Raiser's Edge toolbar. Select "Tools," "User Options" and then "Query." You will see "General" selected on the left. Check the box that automatically saves query parameters when you close this tab.

Save the query with a name you will remember when you see the "Save As" prompt. Changes to the query automatically save to this name every time you resave.

Notice that the query box has wording listed that shows up on the left side. These are your Query Options. Depending on which options you choose on the left, varied Raiser's Edge data appears on the right side.

Define your default query. This query is the one that pops up when you start a new process. You can change this type when you need to do so. Select "Dynamic" if you will be changing the data, otherwise choose "Static."

Choose how you want your constituent names to show up. You can click on a down arrow to choose from several options. Use "Sort Key" as a criteria field when you want alphabetic results returned to you.

Opt to press "Open" or check the box that says "Automatically Run Queries When Opened."

Select "Advanced" for options that are more detailed. Filters break down the data summary to give specific items. Accept by clicking "Yes" when asked if you want to apply criteria. Choose "Apply," save your settings and exit Raiser's Edge.


  • check One example of a query that is useful to run, is pulling data of all constituents who gave a gift to an Annual Giving campaign.

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