Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI Specs

By Daniel Thompson

The Quadro line provides support for features not available on desktop cards.
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The Quadro series is a line of workstation graphics cards designed to provide the selection of features and processing power required by professional-level graphics processing software. The Quadro FX 3450 and 4000 SDI cards using the PCI-E x16 interface use the same GPU but provide different features. The AGP version of the 4000 SDI provides the same features but lower performance, due to the fact that it uses an older model GPU with a less powerful graphics bus.

FX 3450 PCI-E

The FX 3450 was first released in July 2005. It uses the NV41 GPU and a PCI Express x16 interface. It has a core clock of 425 MHz , a memory clock of 1 GHz and 32 GB/sec of memory bandwidth. Its shader engine is rated at 5100 MOperations per second, and it can process 637.5 MVertices per second. The FX 3450 provides users with a 256-MB frame buffer using GDDR3 memory. It uses a 256-bit memory bus that consists of four 64 bit pipelines. The FX 3450 is compatible with both Directx 9.0c and OpenGL 2.0 as well as with SLI-multiple video cards on one motherboard.

FX 4000 PCI-E

The 4000 SDI comes in two versions that use two different types of interface and GPU. The PCI-E x16 version of this card uses the same NV41 GPU found in the FX 3450 but provides different connectors, genlock support and uses slightly more power. Otherwise all of its performance statistics are identical. Although the 4000 SDI has a maximum power consumption rating of 85 watts, the FX 3450 uses only 83 watts. The display connectors provided on the 4000 SDI include a DVI-I and two SDI outputs. By comparison, the FX 3450 provides display connectors that include DVI-I, +DVI-I and +stereo.

FX 4000 AGP

The AGP model of the FX 4000 SDI uses the older NV40 model GPU and is generally slower than its PCI-E counterpart. This card features a core clock of 375 MHz with a 1 GHz memory clock that provides 32 GB of memory bandwidth. It is capable of processing 468.75 MVertices per second and has a shader engine that runs at 4500 MOperations per second. Unlike the FX 3450, both the PCI-E and AGP versions of the 4000 SDI provide support for dual-link DVI output and support for Genlock.