Putting a JPEG in a Yahoo! Email (8 Steps)

by C. Taylor
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You have two options for inserting a JPEG image into a Yahoo email message. If the image resides on your computer, the most convenient option is to include the photo as an email attachment. If you've found a picture online, you can employ the copy and paste method to seamlessly integrate the photo into the body of the email. Yahoo allows a total message size of 25MB, including any attachments.


Step 1

Click "Compose" in your Yahoo Mail account to open a new composition window.

Step 2

Click the "Attach File" button, indicated by a paperclip icon, to open a navigation window.

Step 3

Double-click the JPEG image from the navigation window to attach it to the email.

Complete the email as you normally would and click "Send."

Copy and Paste

Step 1

Locate the JPEG image in your Web browser.

Step 2

Right-click the image and select "Copy" or "Copy Image," depending on your browser.

Step 3

Right-click anywhere in the body of the email and select "Paste" to embed the image.

Complete the email and click "Send."


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