How Do You Put YouTube Videos on Your iPod Classic?

by Will Conley
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The iPod Classic has an aversion to videos in the FLV or Flash format, but that does not mean you can't put YouTube videos on your iPod for mobile viewing. If you are the creator of a YouTube video or if you have the legal right to view it off-site, you can download it using a third party "download and convert" program, run it through iTunes and then sync it to your iPod as you would normally do.

Step 1

Copy and paste the URL of a YouTube video into a Web-based "download and convert" application such as "KeepVid," "SaveVid," "Gazzump," "YouTube Downloader" or "SaveTube" (see Resources).

Step 2

Click "Download" or "Convert" and select "MP4" as the format for saving the YouTube video.

Step 3

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for each YouTube video that you wish to put on your iPod Classic.

Step 4

Open iTunes.

Step 5

Click "File." On a Windows PC, select "Add File to Library"; on a Mac, click "Add to Library."

Step 6

Select the YouTube videos that you downloaded in Steps 2 and 3 and click "Open."

Step 7

Wait for iTunes to add the downloaded and converted YouTube videos to the iTunes library. The process could take a few seconds, several minutes or as long as several hours, depending on the length of the YouTube videos.

Step 8

Connect your iPod Classic to your computer.

Step 9

Click the name of your iPod Classic in the left menu pane.

Step 10

Click "Movies" in the iPod Classic menu bar.

Step 11

Check the box next to "Sync Movies."

Step 12

Check the box or boxes next to the YouTube video(s) you want to put on your iPod Classic.

Click "Apply."


  • Do not download a YouTube video that you do not own or you are not authorized to download. YouTube's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines urge users to respect the copyrights of video owners.


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