How to Put a Watermark on Business Cards

By Angela LaFollette

Inserting watermarks into a document will make it appear more professional. Watermarks often confirm printed documents as authentic, and they can also protect and customize your work. By placing a watermark on your business cards, you ensure that nobody can make an exact copy of your card, and you will appear more professional. Inserting a watermark with Microsoft Word is relatively simple.

Step 1

Open your business card in Microsoft Word. If you do not have a compatible Microsoft Word business card, you can make one using a template. Choose “New Document” from the File Menu. Under “Microsoft Office Online,” select “Business Cards.” Choose “Print Business Cards,” select a template, and click “Download.”

Step 2

Insert a watermark onto your business card by selecting the “Page Layout” tab. Under this tab, select “Watermark” in the box marked “Page Background.” There are several options. You can choose a watermark already established by Microsoft Word or scroll down and select “Custom Watermark.”

Step 3

Choose to insert a picture or text watermark. When inserting a picture watermark, choose “Select Picture.” Find the picture on your computer and adjust the size of the watermark. If you want a text watermark, select the language, font, text, size, color and layout. You can enter a custom watermark text if you do not like the ones provided by Microsoft Word. Deselect the “Semi-transparent” box if you want the watermark to be more visible.

Step 4

Experiment with the watermark settings. Once you find a watermark that meets your approval, save your document by selecting “Save” from the File Menu.

Print the business cards on specialized paper or cardstock. Choose “Print” from the File Menu and adjust your printer’s settings accordingly. You can also send the document to a printing company and they will print high-quality business cards for you.