How to Put a Watermark on Business Cards

By Angela LaFollette

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Inserting watermarks into a document will make it appear more professional. Watermarks often confirm printed documents as authentic, and they can also protect and customize your work. By placing a watermark on your business cards, you ensure that nobody can make an exact copy of your card, and you will appear more professional. Inserting a watermark with Microsoft Word is relatively simple.

Step 1

Open your business card in Microsoft Word. If you do not have a compatible Microsoft Word business card, you can make one using a template. Choose “New Document” from the File Menu. Under “Microsoft Office Online,” select “Business Cards.” Choose “Print Business Cards,” select a template, and click “Download.”

Step 2

Insert a watermark onto your business card by selecting the “Page Layout” tab. Under this tab, select “Watermark” in the box marked “Page Background.” There are several options. You can choose a watermark already established by Microsoft Word or scroll down and select “Custom Watermark.”

Step 3

Choose to insert a picture or text watermark. When inserting a picture watermark, choose “Select Picture.” Find the picture on your computer and adjust the size of the watermark. If you want a text watermark, select the language, font, text, size, color and layout. You can enter a custom watermark text if you do not like the ones provided by Microsoft Word. Deselect the “Semi-transparent” box if you want the watermark to be more visible.

Step 4

Experiment with the watermark settings. Once you find a watermark that meets your approval, save your document by selecting “Save” from the File Menu.

Step 5

Print the business cards on specialized paper or cardstock. Choose “Print” from the File Menu and adjust your printer’s settings accordingly. You can also send the document to a printing company and they will print high-quality business cards for you.