How to Put Videos on My Philips GoGear Vibe

By Thomas McNish

The Philips GoGear Vibe is a personal MP3 player that's also capable of displaying pictures and videos. Digital videos come in a variety of formats, so it's important that you convert that video you downloaded from the Internet to a GoGear compatible format. There's a simple way to do this using the free Media Converter software that came with your GoGear Vibe.

Download and install the Media Converter for Philips software if you haven't already done so.

Connect your GoGear Vibe to your PC via the USB data cable that came with the device.

Open the Media Converter program by clicking "Start," then "Programs," followed by "Philips Digital Media Player" and finally "Philips Media Converter."

Click "Add File." Browse through your video collection to find the video you want to add to your GoGear Vibe. Double-click the video clip once you've found it to add it to your list of videos to be converted.

Click "Start" to begin converting the files. The files will then be automatically transferred to your device. Make sure the "Device" option is selected under the "Convert To" section located at the bottom of the Media Converter window.

Click the USB icon located in the bottom right corner of your taskbar. Select "Safely Remove Hardware" and then disconnect your GoGear Vibe from your PC.

Turn on your GoGear Vibe and select the film strip icon from the main menu. Browse through your videos to make sure they've been successfully transferred. Press the "Play/Pause" button to begin playing your newly transferred video.