How to Put a Video Into Another Video in After Effects

by Mircea Gabriel Suciu

By creating a clip that renders two videos simultaneously, you can clearly present an event recorded from different angles using multiple cameras. You can overlay two videos in Adobe After Effects by importing the two corresponding files as layers of a composition. These layers can then be scaled, cropped and arranged into the space available for video rendering.


Select "Composition" from the Adobe After Effects menu bar and press "New Composition." Choose a project name and press "OK" to initialize your workspace.


Select "File" from the menu bar and move the mouse over "Import." Click "Multiple Files" and select the two video files you want to render simultaneously. Press "OK" to import the files.


Select the two video files at the same time using "Ctrl-C." Drag them into the After Effects timeline to create a corresponding composition layer for each.


Resize and reposition the two videos in the area available for rendering. Click on the name of a layer and drag any of its corners in the render panel to adjust its size. Alternatively, drag a layer inside the same panel to adjust its position.


Click on "File" in the menu bar, hold the mouse cursor over "Export" and select the desired format in which you want to save your footage. Choose a name for the video file and press "OK" to save it to your local hard drive.

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