How to Put Up a Mounting Bracket for a TV

by Kristan Hart

Mounting a television on the wall is a trend that's likely to stick around. With flat screen televisions becoming more and more popular, people realize you don't need a bulky entertainment center to hold your TV. Instead, mount it up on the wall and allow more living space in your room. To ensure your television stays securely on the wall, take care when you mount a flat screen TV. Follow the instructions carefully, because a flat screen TV mount that doesn't properly secure to the wall could eventually cause the TV to fall, damaging your TV, the wall and anything the television lands on.

Attach the arm of your television wall mount to the back of your television set. Use the designated holes in the back of the television as a guide so you know where to screw the mount to the television.

Glide a stud finder horizontally across your wall in the area where you want to install the television wall mount. Use a pencil to clearly mark the location of each stud. To keep your flat screen TV securely on the wall, drill into these studs, which will provide the strength and security you need to mount a flat screen.

Position the base of the television wall mount against the wall to determine where exactly you want to mount it. Mark the location of the holes where you will insert screws to secure the base to the wall. Television wall mounts come with multiple hole options, so you can move it around and insert screws in various locations to increase the likelihood of hitting a stud. Expect to secure the base to the wall with two bolts on the left side (one on top and one on the bottom) and two bolts on the right side (again, one on top and one on the bottom).

Draw a line between the two top hole locations. Place a level up against that line to determine if the mount will sit level if you drill in those locations. If necessary, make adjustments to ensure the mount is level. Even the slightest bit of tilt to one side or the other is noticeable when the flat screen TV hangs on the wall.

Drill pilot holes on the hole markings you made in Step 3. Use a drill bit slightly smaller than the screws you will use.

Ask a friend to hold the base of the television wall mount against the wall while you secure it to the wall, inserting screws into the pilot holes you drilled in Step 5. Use thick-gauge screws, included in your flat screen TV mount, to adequately secure the mount to the wall.

Hang the television on the flat screen TV mount according to the mount directions. In most mounts, you can hang the arm (which you secured to the back of the television in Step 1) onto the base, then lower it into position.

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