How to Put Texting Animations on Your Cell Phone

By Erika Duncan Bryant

Adding text animations is easily and adds emotion to your text.
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People use cell phones for far more than talking in today's world. They use them for web-browsing, gaming, text messaging and more. Text messaging has increased exponentially within the last few years. In fact, according to CBS News, people sent an average of 65 text messages a month in 2006, which increased to more than 357 text messages per month in 2008. Text messages can also include pictures, sounds and text animations. Inserting text animations onto a text message helps to express emotion over a text and can be easily done with the right application and procedure.

Download the Application

Step 1

Connect to the Internet in some way, either through cellular Edge, 3G or 4G service. If you do not have an Internet connection or service, you will need to wait until you have the connection to proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Search your device's digital store for free and paid applications that allow your phone to perform additional functions, such as text animations. Start your search by entering the "app store" or "marketplace" on your iPhone or other smart phone. According to Apple, applications provide users with endless possibilities of what you can do with your phone.

Step 3

Search either by category or by a specific application name. Text animations are usually located in the "utilities" category. If you have a specific application you would like to download, search for it by name; one example is "Emoji Free!" for iPhone users.

Step 4

Choose either the free version or the paid edition. The advantage to the paid application is usually more text animations to choose from rather than the free version. However, free versions are fairly extensive, with hundreds of icons to use.

Step 5

Download the application and follow any instructions necessary to finish the one-time set-up. This consists of turning on additional keyboards or initializing the program itself. Once the set-up is complete the icons and animations will be available for all future text messages.

Insert the Animation into a Text Message

Step 1

Create a new text message. This will be done as it is for another text message.

Step 2

Insert the text animation by choosing which animation you want in the particular text. The process for choosing the animation will vary by application. Generally, you will need to look for a "globe" emblem which signifies additional keyboards or by clicking on the button that lets you switch text modes (from ABC, to 123, and also animations).

Step 3

Send the message as you usually would send a message. Text can also be added to the same message as an animation.