How to Put Tags on Your YouTube Channel

By Joshua Phillips

After you post a Web video, channel tags help YouTube users find it more easily.
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When you sign up for a YouTube account, one of the many features of having your own account is that you receive a YouTube channel. Your channel acts as your profile, hosting your uploaded videos and your favorite videos. In order for YouTube users to find your channel by searching, you must place tags on it. For example, if your channel concentrates on cooking-related videos, the tags cooking, recipes and food would display your channel in the search results when a YouTube user searches those keywords. By default, no tags appear on your channel so you must add them manually.

Step 1

Navigate to YouTube and sign in to your account.

Step 2

Click your username followed by "My Channel."

Step 3

Click "Channel Settings."

Step 4

Click "Info and Settings."

Step 5

Enter your tags in the Tags field, separating each one by a comma. For example, for cooking tags you would write the following as tags:

Cooking, Recipes, Meals

Capitalization is not important when writing tags but proper spelling is.

Step 6

Click "Done Editing" to save your changes.