How to Put a Street Address in a TomTom

By Daniel Hatter

Most non-commercial GPS receivers update their location once every second.
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Despite the fact that TomTom GPS devices are programmed with a vast database of points of interest, sometimes it is easiest to just enter in the address of the place you need to go. If you already know the address or can find it out somewhat easily, this may save you some time and effort. The address lookup function in your TomTom GPS is not difficult to find and using it is quite straightforward.

Step 1

Turn on your TomTom GPS and touch the "Navigate to…" button. Touch "Address" on the following page.

Step 2

Touch the flag to change the country or state the address is in (if necessary) and then use the onscreen keyboard to enter in the city name or ZIP code. Touch the city name when it appears below to select it.

Step 3

Type in the street name of the address, select it when it appears below, type in the number of the address and then touch the "Done" button to display the address on the map.

Step 4

Touch the "Select" button and then touch "Done" when the route appears to begin navigating to the address.