How to Put Songs on a CD

by Art Corvelay
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You can burn song files onto a CD in two distinct ways. The first method, which is the more traditional method, is to burn an audio CD. This allows you to play the songs that are burned on the CD on a CD player. This method, however, only allows you to burn about 80 minutes' worth of music onto the CD. The second method is to burn a data CD with the songs. You can't play the CD through a CD player, but you can store many more song files on the data CD.

Burning an Audio CD

Step 1

Insert a blank CD into your computer's CD drive. If an AutoPlay dialog box appears, close the box.

Step 2

Open Windows Media Player by clicking "Start," followed by "Windows Media Player."

Step 3

Click the "Burn" tab at the top of Windows Media Player. Songs are listed in the library, which is located in the middle pane.

Step 4

Add songs to "Burn List," which is located in the right pane. To do this, drag songs from your library into the burn list. Remember, you can only burn about 80 minutes' of music onto an audio CD.

Click the "Start Burn" button once you're satisfied with your list of songs. The songs will be burned onto an audio CD.

Burning a Data CD

Step 1

Insert a blank CD into the CD drive of your computer. Click "Burn files to disc using Windows Explorer" when the AutoPlay dialog box appears. If the dialog box doesn't appear, click "Start," "Computer" and "Disc burner."

Step 2

Enter a name for your data CD and select "Like a USB flash drive" in the "Burn a disc" dialog box.

Step 3

Navigate to the folder where the songs you want to put on the CD are located. Drag the songs you want to add to the CD into the empty disc folder. This automatically burns the songs onto the CD. Continue this step until you have added all of the songs you want to add to your CD.

Close the burn session by clicking the "Close Session" button on the toolbar. You have added songs onto a data CD.


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