How to Put a SIM Card in an LG TracFone

By Charlotte Mission

Installing your SIM card is a simple process.
i George Doyle & Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

LG TracFones utilize the CDMA network structure, which requires the use of subscriber identity modules, or SIM cards, to store important information about cell phones' services and contents. The first SIM cards were created in the early 1990's Although these early devices were the size of credit cards, their current miniature dimensions still enable them hold large amounts of data, such as the account's phone number, network authentication information, text messages and phone book contacts. Your LG TracFone will not function if the SIM card isn't installed properly, so getting this process right is imperative.

Step 1

Turn the phone off and disconnect the charger as well as any headphones or other devices.

Step 2

Slide off the back cover and remove the battery from the internal compartment. The SIM card slot is under the battery.

Step 3

Align the notch at the top of the SIM card with the notch in the the slot. Slide the SIM card into the slot with the gold side facing down. Make sure it lays flat.

Step 4

Replace the battery and the cover. Turn the phone back on to ensure you installed everything correctly.