How to Put MP3 Rocket Songs Onto an iPod

By Art Corvelay

MP3 Rocket songs are compatible with your iPod.
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All songs downloaded from the MP3 Rocket file-sharing program are compatible with your iPod. In order to transfer songs from MP3 Rocket to your iPod, you'll need to add them to your iTunes library.

Locate the folder where your MP3 Rocket songs are stored. This folder is labeled "Shared" and can usually be found on your hard drive under your username. Double-click the folder to open it. (You can also locate this folder by going to "Tools>Options>Saving" within the MP3 Rocket Program. You should see the folder.)

Launch iTunes. You'll need to have iTunes open so that you can manually import the MP3 Rocket files into your iTunes library.

Create a playlist for your MP3 Rocket songs in iTunes. To do this, click the small "Plus" button at the bottom left-hand side of iTunes. This automatically creates a new playlist. Enter a name for the playlist.

Select the MP3 Rocket songs from the "Shared" folder and drag them into the iTunes playlist you previously created. To add files to the playlist, simply drag the files and place them on top of the playlist, which is located in the left column of iTunes. The songs are then added to your iTunes library and are ready to be put onto your iPod.

Plug your iPod into your computer using the USB connection cable. Wait for iTunes to recognize that you've connected a device.

Click on the iPod in the left navigation pane. Then click the "Music" tab.

Click the "Selected playlists, artists and genres" button and "Sync Music." This option allows you to choose a playlist to sync with your iPod.

Select the playlist you created with the MP3 Rocket songs from the drop-down menu. Then click the "Sync" button and the files will be added to your iPod.