How to Put RoboForm Items Into IE Toolbar

by Chris Hoffman

RoboForm is a password manager and form-filler add-on for Internet Explorer and other Web browsers. RoboForm includes its own toolbar, which appears above the standard IE toolbar. The RoboForm toolbar includes buttons that perform RoboForm's functions, such as generating passwords, filling forms and syncing data with RoboForm's servers. If you don't like having the additional toolbar in your Internet Explorer window, you can add buttons that perform these functions to Internet Explorer's default toolbar and optionally hide the RoboForm toolbar.

Click the "RoboForm" menu on the RoboForm toolbar in Internet Explorer and click "Options."

Click "Context Menu" at the left side of the RoboForm options window.

Click the check-box under "Toolbar" to the left of the name of each button you want on the Internet Explorer toolbar.

Click "OK."

Restart Internet Explorer by closing all Internet Explorer windows with the "x" button and then opening Internet Explorer again.

Right-click the standard Internet Explorer toolbar and then click "Customize" and "Add or Remove Commands."

Click the name of a RoboForm button under "Available Toolbar Buttons" at the left side of the Customize Toolbar window and click "Add." Repeat this process for every RoboForm item you wish to add.

Click "Close" in the Customize Toolbar window.

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