How to Put Your Picture of Your Channel in Your Videos

by Jeff Grundy

It takes time to create entertaining, interesting videos for YouTube, and takes even considerably more time to build a following for your channel on the video-sharing site. One way to boost your brand or presence on YouTube is to embed a selected photo or video thumbnail link in all of the clips you post on the site. Using YouTube's InVideo Programming feature, you can embed your channel logo picture or a video clip thumbnail in all of your videos -- even ones that you posted previously -- with a few mouse clicks.


Log in to your YouTube account with your username and password.


Click the drop-down arrow next to your username at the upper right corner of the page and select "My Channel" from the drop-down menu.


Click the pencil icon below the lower left corner of your channel banner and then click "Channel Settings."


Click the "InVIdeo Programming" link under the Channel Settings header in the left navigation menu.


Click the "Feature your channel" button on the InVideo Programming page.


Select the amount of time you want your channel icon picture to appear on the video player screen in the "Display time" drop-down list. By default, the picture appears in the player five seconds after the video starts and remains visible for 10 seconds. However, you can set the picture to display the beginning of the video and for any length of time that you specify. Additionally, you can select the "Entire Video" option in the list to display the picture during the entire clip.


Click the "Update" button to save the changes.


Click "Video Manager" in the left navigation menu. Click the thumbnail for one of your uploaded videos to load and begin playing it. After the video starts, you see your channel picture appear in the upper right corner of the player window.


  • check If you have not already uploaded a channel picture, click the blank picture icon next to your username at the top of any YouTube page while signed into your account. After you click the icon, YouTube prompts you to upload a new image to use as your profile and channel picture. You can upload any photo from your computer that is in GIF, JPG or PNG and less than 1MB in size.
  • check If a viewer that has not subscribed to your YouTube channel moves the mouse over your channel picture during the video, a link that allows them to subscribe to your channel appears. If the person is already a subscriber of your channel, the pop-up link does not appear.
  • check If you want to display the thumbnail of a selected video rather than your channel picture, click the "Feature a video" button on the InVideo Programming page instead of "Feature your channel." Select the video thumbnail you want to use, set the display duration in the "Display time" drop-down list and click "Update."


  • close Previously, YouTube allowed you to select the position at which your channel picture or selected video thumbnail would appear in the player window (i.e. top right corner or lower left corner). However, as of August 2013, YouTube allows placement of the picture or thumbnail only in the upper right corner of the video player window.

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