How to Put Photos in Emails With Comcast

By Jennifer Leighton

Comcast email allows users to attach photos to outgoing messages.
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Comcast email allows users to attach photos to emails in a fairly simple process. However, it is necessary to compose the text portion of the email and fill in the name of the email recipient prior to attaching any photos. Comcast email has a toolbar called the "SmartZone" that is visible anytime a user is signed into their email account. From this toolbar a user can compose messages, reply to messages, forward messages, label messages as spam, move an email to a different folder, or add an attachment in the form of a photo or document.

Click "Add Attachment" in the SmartZone email toolbar. This toolbar is located at the top of your email inbox and is displayed as a row of icons with text descriptions beneath each icon. The Add Attachment icon will bring up a new menu.

Click on the "Comcast Photo Center" tab within the Add Attachment menu.

Sign in to the Comcast Photo Center using your Comcast user ID. This will give you access to all of your Comcast Photo Center photos and photo albums.

Click on each photo that you want to add as an attachment to your email. Make sure that the photo has been highlighted to ensure that it has been selected for inclusion in the email.

Choose "Attach" once all of your chosen photos are highlighted. This attachment process may take some time so wait until you get the message that the attachments have been added to the email. Click "Send" to send the email with the attached photos.