How to Put the Norton Icon on a Taskbar

By Jim Campbell

The Windows system tray is the right side of your task bar that holds icons for minimized software. You can add the Norton Antivirus icon in the task bar's system tray, so you always have instant view of any updates or threats. Minimizing the software to the system tray is a preference option available in the main configurations for Norton Antivirus.

Click the Windows "Start" button and select "All Programs." Click the "Symantec" program group, then click "Norton Antivirus" to open the software.

Click the "Options" tab to view a list of options for your software. The options listed are the currently set preferences for the software.

Click the "Auto-Protect" option. In the list of preferences, click "Show the Auto-Protect icon in the tray." Click "OK." Notice the icon shows up in your Windows task bar.