How to Put Music on an SD Card for Nintendo DSi Music

by Melissa King
USB image by Angelika Bentin from Fotolia.com

The Nintendo DSi is designed for portable gaming, but it also includes a built-in digital camera and music player. The music player allows you to listen to songs in the AAC audio format, providing you with entertainment on the go. To use the music player, you first need to transfer your songs to an SD card on a computer. Most SD cards are able to hold several hours of music, depending on the size of the card.

Step 1

Insert an SD card into your computer's card reader. If you don't have an integrated card reader, USB card readers are available.

Step 2

Click "Start" and "Computer" on your Windows 7 or Vista system. Double-click the name of the SD card.

Step 3

Locate the music you want to put on the card. The Nintendo DSi only recognizes AAC files with extensions of .mp4, .m4a or .3gp. Click "Start," and then type one of these file extensions into the search bar. You're also able to search for files by name.

Step 4

Click a song to go to its current location. Drag the file to the open SD card window. Repeat this process if you have other songs you want to put on the card. It is also possible to right-click the song, click "Copy," and then right-click the SD card window and select "Paste."

Step 5

Remove the SD card from the computer, and insert it into the card slot in the Nintendo DSi. Power on the system, and tap the "Sound" icon on the main screen.

Tap "Play with your music." Select a folder, and then choose a song. Tap "Start" to begin playing. If you want to play a random song, tap "Auto" followed by "Start."


  • If your music files aren't in AAC format, it is usually possible to convert them. You need a conversion program to do this. Copy-protected files cannot be converted.

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