How to Put Music on a Screensaver

By Heather Vecchioni

Enhance your screensaver by adding music.
i laptop image by Du...¬°an Zidar from

Screensavers add style to your computer and give you something interesting to look at while you aren't using it. To enhance the style of the screensaver, many people add music. Some computers come with the option of adding music, while others require software to be downloaded in order to play music with the screensaver. If your computer already has the option, music can be added to the screensaver in just a few sequences.

Open the screensaver document or allow it come on itself. Right-click on the screen and choose "Background Music."

Specify the path name of the file you want to use for the background music, once the path name window opens. Typically, you can choose from the MIDI sequence, MP3, music modules or Windows wave music you have stored in your computer.

Check the option in the "Save a Copy of the Music File in the Project Document" box if you would like the music to be saved in the screensaver. This option is typically recommended because the music file doesn't have to present on the computer anymore in order to play with the screensaver.

Leave the option unmarked if you would rather not save the music with the screensaver. Not checking the option means you will have to have the music continually stored in your computer to play when the screensaver comes on.