How to Put Music on Micro SD Cards

By C. Taylor

Although compact in size, high capacity Micro SD cards can store thousands of music files.
i David Paul Morris/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Many devices, such as certain cell phones and MP3 players, use Micro SD cards to access music files. You can put music on these Micro SD cards through your Windows 7 computer. However, you must have a way to read the card. At the very least, you will need a card reader, which can be built into the computer or be an external USB adapter. Some readers cannot read Micro SD cards, but they can read standard SD cards fine. In that case, you need an adapter to convert your Micro SD card to a standard SD card.

Insert your Micro SD card into the SD card adapter, which may have been included with your Micro SD card. Make certain the sliding lock on the side of the adapter is away from the "lock" position. Otherwise, you will be unable to write to the card.

Insert the SD card adapter into your card reader. If the card reader is an external USB reader, insert it into an available USB port on your computer. Windows 7 automatically recognizes the card.

Click "Open folder to view files" from the "AutoPlay" window to launch Windows Explorer. Alternatively, hold the "Windows" key and press "E."

Navigate to your music folder, and highlight the music files you wish to copy. To select multiple files, hold the "Ctrl" key while clicking multiple files.

Hold the "Ctrl" key, and press "C" to mark the files for copying.

Click the Micro SD card drive letter to access the card. The drive letter is the one you initially viewed, if you selected "Open folder to view files" from the "AutoPlay" window.

Hold the "Ctrl" key, and press "V" to begin copying the previously selected files. Depending on the amount of files, this may take several minutes. Windows 7 displays a progress window, so you know when copying is complete.