How to Put Music From iTunes to iPod

by Kristin Lane

Move the music on your computer from iTunes to your iPod in a few easy steps. By hooking up your iPod with the provided cable and pressing a few buttons on screen, you can move your entire library to your portable music player. This process is commonly called "syncing," in Apple language, and is one of the many streamlined benefits of using both iTunes and iPod together.

How to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPod


Make sure the latest version of iTunes is downloaded to your computer by opening iTunes and following any prompts for upgrades that appear upon opening. Close down iTunes by clicking the "x" in the upper left hand corner.


Connect the iPod to the computer with the white USB cable that came with the iPod. Plug the larger end into the iPod and the smaller end into one of the computer's USB slots.


Wait to see if iTunes opens automatically as it should. If not, manually open iTunes. Look under the list on the left side of the screen under "Devices" to find your iPod listed. Click once on the iPod name to select it.


Select the 'Music' tab on the new screen. Make sure the box for "Sync Music" is checked. Decide if you want to sync your entire library or just certain parts. Select less if your collection will not fit on the storage space available on your iPod.


Click "Apply" and watch as the music from iTunes is transferred automatically to your iPod.


  • close Avoid disconnecting until the top of the iTunes window says "OK to disconnect."

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