How to Put Music on a Hold Line of a Phone (5 Steps)

By Lacey Roop

A MagicJack number can be set to nearly any area code in the U.S.
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Placing business callers on hold can be irritating for clients. To help alleviate the irritation and boredom of waiting, many offices play music to help entertain clients until they are able to speak with them. Purchasing a music-on-hold system from an electronics store or an online site is an prudent way to add music to your business' hold line. The process is both easy and economical with most systems costing around $50 to $75.

Step 1

Purchase a music-on-hold system online or at specialty electronics stores.

Step 2

Plug the music-on-hold system directly into a telephone wall jack via the plug located on the back side of the system. This places the system on your phone line.

Step 3

Choose an output music source that you want listeners to hear while they are on hold. This can be a CD player, MP3 player, or radio.

Step 4

Plug the music source into the system via a 3.5mm jack opening which is located on the back of the system. Your musical output source must have a 3.5mm plug or the capability to install one to work with this system. Many MP3 players, radios, and CD players come equipped with a 3.5mm cord and plug.

Step 5

Push the star key on your phone to place callers on hold and activate the music system. The music will continue playing to callers who have called your telephone number. It stops if you pick up the receiver or the caller hangs up.