How to Put Music on a Galaxy S3 From a Computer

by Melissa King
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The Samsung Galaxy S3 supports microSD cards up to 64GB in capacity, so your phone has enough room to hold dozens of songs from your music library. If you store music on your computer, you can connect it to the Galaxy S3 to transfer content to the microSD card. Once you've connected the phone and placed it in Media Device -- or MTP -- mode, your computer will view the device as an external hard drive.

Step 1

Connect the Galaxy S3 to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 2

Go to the phone's home screen. Touch the screen with your finger, and then swipe down to open the Notifications panel.

Step 3

Tap "Media Device (MTP)." Your computer sees the phone as an external hard drive.

Step 4

Find the music you want to transfer on your computer.

Step 5

Click "Desktop" on the Start screen, and then click the "File Explorer" icon in the task bar.

Step 6

Click "Computer" on the left side of the window.

Step 7

Double-click the Samsung Galaxy S3 icon.

Step 8

Drag and drop music files from your computer into the Galaxy S3's memory card folder. Alternatively, highlight a large group of files, right-click and select "Copy." Right-click the memory card folder and select "Paste" to transfer all the files at once.

Disconnect the Galaxy S3 from the USB cable when finished. The phone will automatically end the MTP connection.


  • The information in this article applies to Windows 8 and may vary slightly or significantly for other versions of Windows.


  • To insert a microSD card into the phone, turn off the device and remove the back cover. Insert the card into the microSD card slot with the gold contacts facing down. You'll hear the card "click" when it's locked in place.
  • If you want to remove a microSD card, Samsung recommends unmounting it first to avoid any damage to your files. To unmount, tap "Menu," "Settings," "Storage" and "Unmount SD Card." Touch "OK" and wait for the message "SD Card Safe to Remove."


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