How to Put Music From the Computer Onto Your iPod

By Maria Janelli

An iPod is a small device that lets you carry your music, video, and photo collections with you. The iPod Touch even lets you surf the Internet, check your email, and download apps. Transferring music from your computer to your iPod is fast. All it takes is a USB cable and a few minutes.

Transferring Music to Your iPod

Use the USB cable to connect your iPod to your computer.

Open iTunes.

Click on the iPod icon that appears in the left panel in iTunes.

Click the "Music" tab that appears at the top of the main panel in iTunes.

Check the box to "Sync Music." Choose "Entire music library" to transfer every song from your computer onto your iPod. Choose "Selected playlists, artists, an genres" to manually choose which songs to transfer to your iPod.

Click "Apply."

Click "Sync." Your songs will be transferred to your iPod.