How to Put Music on a Compact Flash Card

By C. Taylor

About the size of a matchbook, Compact Flash cards are a convenient method of music transport.
i compact flash card image by AndreyPS from

Many devices use compact flash cards to access music or video files. An MP3 player, for example, might use a compact flash card to read music MP3 files. To put the files on a compact flash card, you will need a card reader to allow you to access the card on your personal computer. Once accessible, you can simply copy the music files over to the card.

Insert the compact flash card into the card reader. If the reader is an external model, you will have to also plug the reader into an available USB port. Windows 7 will automatically recognize the card reader and compact flash card.

Press "Ctrl" and "E" simultaneously to open Windows Explorer.

Navigate to where your music files are located on your computer. A popular location is "Music," located under the top-left "Libraries" folder.

Hold the "Ctrl" key and click multiple music files to select them.

Hold "Ctrl" and press "C."

Click the drive letter on the left, which corresponds to your compact flash card. Hold "Ctrl" and press "V" to copy the files to the compact flash card.