How to Put Mini CDs Into an iMac

by Marie Cartwright
cd-r image by matteo NATALE from Fotolia.com

Most Apple computers, including the iMac, use slot-loading disc drives. Rather than using a sliding tray, a slot-loading drive pulls the disc through a thin slot on the computer case. These drives are only meant for standard size CDs and DVDs. Using a mini CD with a slot-loading drive can cause real problems. There are many iMac users who have ended up with a jammed drive due to a mini CD. You will need some additional equipment to use a mini CD with your iMac. There are two different ways of going about this task.

CD Adapter

Step 1

Purchase a mini CD adapter. These adapters consist of a plastic ring that snaps around the outer edges of the mini CD. This simulates the dimensions of a standard size CD. To find a mini CD adapter, contact your local electronics store or search for one online.

Step 2

Attach the adapter to the mini CD. Press down on the adapter firmly to ensure it is attached securely.

Insert the adapted mini CD into the iMac's disk drive.

External Disk Drive

Step 1

Purchase a Mac-compatible external tray-loading disk drive. This is the type of disk drive commonly used with CD players or PCs. Tray-loading drives have no trouble in using mini CDs.

Step 2

Plug the external drive into one of the iMac's USB ports. Follow any on-screen setup instructions as required.

Insert the mini CD into the external drive's sliding tray.

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