How to Put Lyrics on MP3 Players

by Eirik Ott
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Portable digital-media players like Apple's iPod or Microsoft's Zune allow music fans to take their favorite tunes with them wherever they go, but sometimes listening to music is not nearly as much fun as singing along. This can be challenging if you don't know the words, however, so learning how to add lyrics to the encoding of your favorite MP3 audio files can be handy. Once the lyrics are copied from a website, they can easily be added to any MP3 file with the software included with Macs and PCs.

Adding Lyrics to Songs With iTunes (PC or Mac)

Step 1

Launch iTunes. Browse your music library for a song to which you would like to add lyrics, then click it once to highlight it.

Step 2

Click the "File" menu, then select "Get Info."

Step 3

Click the "Lyrics" tab, then enter the lyrics of the songs into the appropriate area. Click "OK" when finished.

Step 4

Connect your iPod to your computer with connecting cable included with your iPod, then click the song with the lyrics and drag it the iPod icon and drop it to begin copying the song to your iPod.

Click the "Center" button on your iPod repeatedly when playing a song with lyrics included until the lyrics appear in the iPod display.

Add Lyrics to Songs With Window Media Player (PC)

Step 1

Launch Windows Media Player, then click "Media Library" to browse the music stored on your computer.

Step 2

Right-click any song to which you would like to add lyrics, then select "Properties."

Step 3

Click "Lyrics," then enter the lyrics to the song in the appropriate box. Click "OK" when finished.

Connect your PC-compatible MP3 player --- Zune, Rio, Zen, etc. --- with the connecting cable included with the player. Click the song with lyrics and drag it to the icon of the player and drop it to begin the copying process.


  • Some digita-audio files do not allow lyrics to be encoded into them --- such as WAV or QuickTime --- so you would need to convert those files to an appropriate format like MP3 or AAC with iTunes or Windows Media Player or with a media-converter.
  • You can get lyrics to many songs at various websites, including and (See Resources)


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