How to Put a Locator on a Phone

By Valerie Lauer

Save time finding your phone by installing a locator.
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Locator programs let you track mobile phones through GPS technology. Several cellular providers have developed locator programs for their customers, such as Verizon Wireless's Family Locator service or AT&T's FamilyMap. Smartphones such as the iPhone, BlackBerry or Android-based handhelds have additional options for locator programs available in their respective application markets.

Turn on the phone you want to install a locator on.

Turn location services on. This setting is located under "Settings" in the "Security & Location" menu on many phones, such as the Samsung Moment from Sprint. The exact location varies depending on the type of mobile phone you have.

Navigate to your mobile phone's application download area. On Verizon Wireless cellphones, this is called "Media Center" or "Get It Now."

Search for a locator program in the phone's market. They are frequently referred to as GPS or tracking programs. Many mobile service providers have locator programs specifically developed for their customers. Third-party application developers also have several programs available.

Download a locator program that is compatible with your mobile phone and service provider. Agree to any terms and conditions and run the program.

Install, register or log in to any locator program applications for the computer. Many locator programs allow you to track mobile phones from your computer or a specific website.

Test the locator program by tracking the mobile phone from the computer. Contact the program developer if you have downloaded, installed and registered the locator, only to find it is not working properly.