How to Put Laptop Keys Back on a Toshiba

By Joanne Cichetti

Put the lost keys back and get your Toshiba laptop ready for use.
i laptop image by Angie Lingnau from

Losing laptop keys on your Toshiba can be very frustrating. All your computer-related activities are affected. The good news is that you can easily put back laptop keys, even if both the key cap and retainer have come off.

Step 1

Set the fallen key cap and retainer aside. Order a replacement if the key cap or retainer are lost.

Step 2

Take off another laptop key carefully. You will use it as repair model. Choose a key that isn’t frequently used. Exercise care while removing the key so its retainer stays in place.

Step 3

Observe how the retainer is held in place. Your laptop holds the retainer at four separate points.

Step 4

Replace the retainer that came off the laptop. When it is held in place, put the missing key back onto it. Apply some pressure until you hear a click. The key should settle properly on the retainer.

Step 5

Place the key cap back on the retainer that was used as model. Again, the key cap should firmly snap into place, and your laptop keys should be ready for use again.