How to Put Songs Onto IPod Nano 4th Generation (7 Steps)

By Sharon Mcelwee

IPods are the most popular mp3 players available. Their combination of good looks and high storage capacity make them a great investment. Putting songs on your iPod Nano is a simple process. Even a novice will be able to do this without too much trouble. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of the iPod is that you cannot drag songs directly from your hard drive to the device without special software. But the iPod preference settings in the iTunes software are detailed enough to allow you to choose which songs you want to add to your mp3 player.

Step 1

Install a copy of iTunes to your computer (see Resources). It's a free program and the easiest way for you to transfer music to your Nano.

Step 2

Download the music you want to put on your Nano to your computer's hard drive using iTunes, Amazon, or another file sharing program.

Step 3

Open iTunes and go to "File" and "Import to Library." Wait for the browser window to open.

Step 4

Navigate to the songs you want to add and select the "Choose" button. For multiple songs, highlight the folder where the songs are and hit the "Choose" button.

Step 5

Connect your iPod to your computer using the provided USB cable.

Step 6

Change your settings once your iPod appears in your iTunes window. Select your iPod, and go into "Preferences." Set your iPod to automatically sync if you like, and specify which music and playlists you want to import.

Step 7

Select the "Sync Now" option and all your music will automatically move to your iPod.