How to Put Your iPad in the Case

by Avery Martin

Apple's iPad Smart Cover helps to protect your iPad against scratches and debris. The case also transforms into a stand for your iPad, making it possible to show people what's on the display without having to hold it. You can benefit from the stand function during presentations, lectures and meetings, for example. The Smart Cover simply clings to the iPad magnetically, and all you need to do is align it properly.

Step 1

Place the iPad on a clean surface with the screen facing up.

Step 2

Hold the Smart Cover with the metal hinges facing toward the iPad.

Align the hinges to the side of the iPad until the magnets attach to the left side of the home button, when the button is oriented toward you. Roll the cover out over the top of the iPad to keep it in place.


  • Ensure that the curved portion of the magnetic hinge faces inward toward the iPad.
  • Place the cover on lengthwise and not across the smaller width of the screen. The cover is designed to fit the length of the iPad only.
  • If you're placing an iPad inside of a computer case, or specialty case designed specifically for the iPad, first put the Smart Cover on and then place it inside the bag with the glass plate facing the front of the bag. This ensures that if the iPad bangs against your side while walking, the glass top won't get damaged.

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