How to Put More Icons on My Toolbar

by Andrew Smith

The Windows operating system has what is called the "Quick Launch toolbar" located on the taskbar. This toolbar gives you the ability to access and open programs with a single click of the mouse. You are able to add program icons to the Quick Launch toolbar whenever you use the computer. The entire process takes less than a minute to complete.

Right-click on any non-occupied part of the Windows taskbar. A menu will open. Highlight "Toolbars" in this menu. A second menu appears.

Click "Quick Launch" inside the second menu, and a check apperas to the left of this option. The Quick Launch toolbar appears right next to the taskbar's "Start" button. Skip this step if the "Quick Launch" option in the second menu is already checked.

Click "Start" on the left-hand side of the taskbar. A menu pops up.

Highlight and click "All Programs." A list of programs and folders appear.

Click on a folder for a program to view the icon associated with that program. Skip this step if you already see the icon for the program--for example the Internet Explorer icon.

Click on the icon for the program. Keep your finger down on the left-hand button found on the mouse.

Drag the icon mentioned in Step 5 over to the Quick Launch toolbar. The icon is added to the toolbar.

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