How to Put Icons and Smiley Faces in Email

By Andrea Ruiz

Icons and emoticons let you express more of your personality in your email correspondence.
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Emoticons are an effective and widely recognized way to add expression and context to the things you say online. When you write email, you can insert the standard text emoticons, such as smiley faces or frowns, with keyboard strokes. But the vast majority of email clients, both Web-based and stand-alone, also enable you to insert graphical icons with different facial expressions, symbols and other pictures into your emails by selecting them from the "Emoticons" button in the formatting menu.

Step 1

Open a blank email in your preferred email client or Web- based email provider and populate the "To" and "Subject" fields as desired.

Step 2

Type the content of your email, then click the place where you want to insert the smiley or other graphical icon.

Step 3

Click the button in the formatting menu of your email that inserts emoticons. Typically, this is a button with a smiley face on it, and clicking it launches a gallery of icons and emoticons from which you can choose.

Step 4

Select the emoticon or icon you wish to insert into your email by clicking it.

Step 5

Repeat these steps if you want to insert more icons into other positions in your email.