How to Put Genius Mixes on an iPod

by Heather Harris
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Genius is an iTunes feature that creates custom mixes or playlists based on a selected genre. While it is not possible to sync Genius Mixes manually as with playlists and albums, you can change your iPod's settings in iTunes to automatically transfer the ones you want.

Step 1

Connect your iPod to your computer and open iTunes.

Step 2

Select your iPod in the Devices list in the iTunes menu, then click the "Music" tab. Note that in some versions of iTunes, it will be a button instead of a tab.

Step 3

Click to place a check mark next to "Sync Music," then select the "Selected playlists, artists, and genres" option.

Click to place check marks in the boxes next to the Genius Mixes you want to sync, located under the Playlists heading in the iTunes menu. Click the "Apply" button to finish.


  • iTunes may add songs from your library that were not part of the original Genius Mix when it syncs to your iPod.


  • If you set your iPod to sync your entire iTunes library, all of your Genius Mixes will sync along with the rest of the library's contents, provided that there is enough storage space on the iPod.
  • If you need further help with transferring mixes to your specific model of iPod, consult its manual. See the resources section of this article for a link to Apple's device manuals page.


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