How to Put Downloaded Movies Onto My iPod

By Morgan O'Connor

Watch movies on the go with your iPod.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Your iPod, as you have discovered, isn't simply a music player. It can also serve as a way to watch movies and videos on the go. While the screen size is smaller than the typical computer or TV screen, the iPod is more portable and can be an easier option for car rides, bus trips, or other times when using your laptop would be impractical. With just your iPod cable and iTunes, you can transfer downloaded movies from your computer onto your iPod.

Step 1

Double-click "iTunes" to open it. Click "File" then "Add File to Library." Locate the movie you wish to add to iTunes and click "Open." Repeat this process until you have added all of the movies to iTunes.

Step 2

Plug your iPod cable into the iPod and the other end into your computer. The iPod may automatically begin syncing with iTunes, in which case iTunes will transfer the movies onto your iPod. In this case, simply wait for the sync process to finish.

Step 3

Click your iPod where it's listed under "Devices" in iTunes' left panel if iTunes doesn't automatically sync with your iPod. Click "Sync" in the lower right corner of iTunes to sync iTunes with your iPod and transfer the movies.

Step 4

Click the movie in iTunes you wish to transfer to your iPod if you don't want to perform a complete sync. Drag the movie to your iPod in iTunes' left panel. Repeat this process for each movie you wish to transfer.