How to put movies on to Disney Mix Max Player

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If you have tried and failed to put your own movies onto a Disney Mix Max, then read my directions and watch movies in no time.

Step 1

***** UPDATE****** I now hear there is an even easier way to do this with Magic DVD Ripper. I was told it was way faster then all the steps below. SO here is the updated version. If this does not work for you then please try my original directions. (Magic DVD Ripper does all that you need to do and has a setting for both the mix max player and the mix max plus, you just have to click the down arrow on profile and click on the more options at the bottom and tell it to put it as an output option. You can try it out with the free trial version and buy it if it works for you. ) Ok these are the directions from start to finish. You need Prism Video Converter and Windows Media Encoder 9 series. You can google both and download for free. You need to convert the file from AVI or whatever to WMV using Prism and then when that is finished convert it again from WMV to WMV9 using Windows Media Encoder. Seems like alot but it is way cheaper then $20 a movie. Once you have these installed do the following.

Step 2

Click and open up Prism Video Convertor. Click to "ADD FILES" on top toolbar. Find and choose the movie you want to convert and double click on the movie and it will add it to the list. Add all the movies that you want to convert. Each one takes about an hour. At the bottom choose a different output folder. Then scroll through the OUTPUT FORMAT tab at the bottom and choose. .WMV Click on ENCODER OPTIONS and change everything to the following: Video Compressor------ Windows Media Video 9 Video bit rate ------------- 4096 Sound Compressor ----- Windows Media Audio 9.2 Sound Format ------------ 128 kbps,48 kHz Stereo CBR Press ok and then click on VIDEO OUTPUT OPTIONS and change everything to the following Make sure that there is a check next to RESIZE VIDEO "Shrink or enlarge video to selected size." Width---- 220 Height --- 176 Make sure that there is a check next to CHANGE FRAMERATE 30.00 Click on OK and then CONVERT when the movie is finished you can move on to the next step

Open Windows Media Encoder 9 click on COVERT A FILE and press OK Then choose your source file ( the movie you just converted with Prism) Then Choose a new output file like make a new folder and name it MIX MAX MOVIES and click ok The next screen pops up gives you several options starting with "File Download." Scroll down to "POCKET PC" and choose that one. On the next screen just press Next. Don't worry about the setting at this point because we will change them later. Name the movie. and click Next and FINISH Once the converter starts press the STOP button on the top toolbar., its RED, a window will pop up, click CLOSE to close the window. Then at the top of the converter click on the PROPERTIES tab. A window will pop open. Click on the COMPRESSION tab in the middle of several tabs. Click EDIT on the right hand side of the COMPRESSION window. Now you should see 2 tabs. A GENERAL tab and a 259kbps tab On the GENERAL TAB change everything to the following: Make sure Video and Audio are both checked Audio CBR Windows Media Audio 9.2 Video CBR Windows Media Video 9 Click the 259kbps tab and change to the following. ( If you see something I don't mention here THEN DON'T CHANGE IT ) Audio Format 128 kbps, 48 (NOT 44) kHz Stereo CBR Video Size 220X176 Frame Rate 30 Key Frame Interval 2 sec Video Bit Rate 384K (this is a little tricky. MAKE SURE IT SAYS 384K) Buffer Size 5 sec Video Smoothness 0 Decoder Complexity Simple for a total of 521.02 CLICK APPLY and wait a few seconds for it to apply and then START ENCODING on top toolbar. When this movie is finished it will play on your MIX MAX, if it still says that the FILE IS NOT SUPPORTED then you have to go into the setting on the max and change the mass storage setting. There are 2 choices can't remember off hand what they are but choose the opposite one obviously and try again. Also you actually have to go to the movies or video tab on the max player not NOW PLAYING cuz that button is pointless. I have converted many movies that have worked on both our players so if you follow these directions correctly there shouldn't be a problem. Make sure you are using files from your computer. You can't copy a dvd to the player but you can rip the dvd into your computer and then use it. ****UPDATE***** AS OF DEC 1 2009, THESE DIRECTIONS STILL WORK FOR ME. ENJOY


  • Follow the directions EXACTLY because one little number off will ruin the whole thing.
  • If you have done the above and it still says "FILE NOT SUPPORTED" then go into the settings on the Mix Max and change the Mass Storage Memory Card settings. There are only two to choose from so switch back and forth repower up and then go to Videos and it should work.


  • BE WARNED: Pretty sure Disney doesn't appreciate me telling you guys how to do this. :D

Items you will need

  • Computer
  • Prism Video Converter Software (FREE)
  • Windows Media Encoder 9 Series Software (FREE)
  • Mix Max

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