How to Put My Dell Inspiron Into Sleep Mode

By Chris Miksen

Sleep mode is a tool used in the Windows operating system to save power, which in turn saves you money. All Dell Inspirons come with the Windows operating system, which means you can utilize the sleep mode feature, and the feature is easy to use in Windows 7. Your Inspiron may have outdated drivers that you're not aware of, but the drivers may prevent you from accessing safe mode, so it's a good idea to download any updated drivers prior to putting your Inspiron to sleep.

Visit Dell drivers and downloads website (see Resources). Download and install any updated drivers for your model's video card. You can enter your Inspiron's model number or service tag to find a list of updated drivers.

Click the Windows "Start" menu.

Click the arrow next to "Shut down." Click "Sleep." Your Dell Inspiron will now go into sleep mode.