How to Put Color Ads in Craigslist

by Christina Hadley

Alexa data reveals that loads its pages faster than 90 percent of the other websites it tracks. Craigslist's formula for speed includes limiting users to inserting a few small pictures. Overcome Craigslist's image limits by hosting a color ad graphic elsewhere, then use HTML to insert it into a posting's body.

Step 1

Design the ad and save it as an RGB format .jpg.

Step 2

Upload the .jpg to your private server or an image hosting website. Several websites host images. Consider using a popular image host, such as Photobucket or Image Shack.

Step 3

Copy the link to the ad.

Step 4

Create a new Craigslist posting. Visit Log into your account or navigate to the category where you want your ad to appear. Click "Post," which is located in the top right corner of the page. Craigslist requires that you define your posting's category again if you're not already logged into a Craigslist account. Enter a post title along and your email address, if necessary, as well as a location and price.

Step 5

Insert the color ad into the Craigslist post. Type the following HTML code into the "Posting Description" field: . Paste your copied ad link in between the quotation marks. Delete extraneous spaces as necessary.

Step 6

Color any plain text within the posting. If you combine text with a color ad graphic, then place the following HTML where plain text begins to colorize it: . Add the following closing command to the end of the text passage: . Enter a color's name between the quotation marks. Craigslist support the use of color names such as maroon, green, purple, navy and red. Pick a color that will best match your color ad graphic.

Click "Continue" to preview the Craigslist posting. Click "Continue" again if you are satisfied. Or, select "Edit" to go back to the posting description field and make modifications to the Craigslist posting. Accept the "Terms of Use" to complete the process and list the color ad posting.


About the Author

Christina Hadley holds a Bachelor of Arts in design. She writes copy for an assortment of industries. Her work also appears in the "Houston Chronicle" small business section. Hadley is a UCLA-certified computer professional. The British Museum recently featured one of her digital images in an exhibit.

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