How to Put a Chip in an iPhone

By Matt McGew

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The iPhone is a cellular telephone, iPod and Internet-enabled mini-computer marketed and sold by Apple Inc. IPhone features include a camera, visual voicemail, a portable media player, a touch screen, email and Wi-Fi connectivity. Also, iPhone is part of Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM), which operates on global GSM networks. One of the features of GSM-compatible telephones is the ability to insert chips, or Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards, into the cellphone.

A SIM card allows users to change phones easily by removing the SIM card from one cellphone and inserting it into another. With that, all their information is moved from the old phone to the new one.

Step 1

Insert the SIM removal tool, or the end of a paperclip, into the small hole located at the top of the iPhone to the right of the headphone jack. Press firmly. A SIM card tray will pop out. Grasp the SIM card tray and remove it from your iPhone.

Step 2

Place the SIM card or chip in the SIM card tray. The SIM card will fit into the tray only if inserted correctly.

Step 3

Hold the SIM card in the SIM card tray and push the SIM card back into the iPhone. The SIM card tray will fit back into the iPhone only if inserted correctly.