How to Put CDs Onto an MP3 Player

by Roger Mock
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As the MP3 player becomes more popular, those using CDs may wish to make the jump to digital. Both Windows Media Player and Apple iTunes allow users to convert CDs into MP3 files. Both programs are simple to use and can be downloaded for free. After the files have been converted, both programs also allow users to sync with some MP3 players.

Windows Media Player

Step 1

Place the CD in to the computer's disc drive.

Step 2

Open Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player can be found within the "Start" menu under " All Programs."

Step 3

Windows Media Player should automatically detect the CD. If it does not, select the CD from the side bar on the left.

Step 4

Select "Rip CD" at the top of the program. You may change file settings using the "Rip Settings," next to "Rip CD."

To sync with an MP3 player, select the "Sync" tab in the top right corner. Drag and drop the files you wish to sync.

Apple iTunes

Step 1

Open "iTunes."

Step 2

Insert a CD in to the computer's disc drive.

Step 3

Switch to the "Library" by clicking on "Music" under the "Library" heading on the left sidebar.

Step 4

iTunes will automatically detect the CD and ask if you want it to import the music. Click "Yes." If not prompted, right click on the CD under "Devices" on the left sidebar. Select "Import CD."

Step 5

iTunes will begin to import the files, a progress bar at the top of the program will indicate how far along each file is.

To sync iTunes to your iPod, click "File" then "Sync iPod."


  • If the MP3 player you own is not compatible with Windows Media Player or iTunes, consult the product's manual to find out how to transfer your new music.
  • Some MP3 players allow you to drag and drop files directly on to the device under "My Computer."

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