How to Put My LG Bluetooth Headset in Pairing Mode

by Amy McClain

LG Bluetooth headsets are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled phones. To use your phone and headset together, you need to put your headset into pairing mode. Pairing mode makes your headset discoverable to your phone, allowing the two devices to exchange information. Pairing is a quick setup process and usually only needs to be done once. If you haven't yet used your LG headset, connect it to the charger and allow it to charge completely before you begin.

Step 1

Disconnect your headset from the charging source.

Step 2

Press and hold the "Call/Send" button, located on the front of the headset.

Release the button after approximately five seconds, when the indicator light begins flashing. Your headset is now in pairing mode.


  • Your headset only remains in pairing mode for a few minutes to allow your phone to locate it.
  • LG headsets use a pairing passkey of four zeros ("0000").


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