How to Put Color in Black & White Photos With Paint.Net

By Lisa Chrstine

Paint.Net can add colors to your black and white photos
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There are a number of creative ways to take or edit pictures for photographers of all skills. One of the most popular ways to take pictures for some photographers is in black and white. While this can emphasize certain aspects and styles of your pictures, you may want to change the color after the picture is taken. You can do this from the Paint.Net program. You can add color with a few clicks of your mouse.

Open your Paint.Net software on your computer, and select "File" and "Open" in the program's main menu.

Select your photograph from your computer in the "Open" menu, and click click "Open" again.

Click "Adjustments" in the main menu with your picture open, and then click "Hue" in the "Adjustments" menu.

Click on the Magic Wand tool in the pop-up box on your picture, and use the wand to select the sections of your image that you would like to change.

Drag the arrow under the "Hue" menu until you find the color you would like to use for the image, and click "Apply." Repeat this process with every other part of the image you would like to recolor.