How to Put a Battery in a Gigaware Cordless Mouse

By Faizah Imani

The Gigaware cordless mouse is compatible with any computer notebook that contains a universal serial bus port. The mouse comes with a matching receiver. The receiver transmits the mouse's wireless signal to your computer. In order for the mouse to operate, two triple-A batteries are required. To prolong the life of your batteries, remove the batteries from the device when the mouse is not in use. Configure the mouse in the "Control Panel" under "Mouse" for specific user settings.

Use one hand to press down the "Gigaware" logo that is on top of the Mouse. Use the other hand to slide the battery cover off the unit near the bottom of the logo.

Insert two new batteries into the battery compartment. Do not mix old and new batteries together. When inserting the batteries, ensure the tips position so that the polarity symbols on the batteries "+" and "-" match the symbols inside the battery compartment.

Replace the battery cover by sliding it back into position.

Pair the mouse again after inserting batteries, so that it continues to work with the Gigaware receiver. To pair the mouse, press the button located underneath the mouse, while simultaneously pressing the button found on top of the receiver.