How to Put Batteries in a Polaroid 600 Camera

By Irene A. Blake

Updated February 10, 2017

The Polaroid 600 camera is a color instant film camera powered by a battery. The battery power source for the 600, unlike many other camera models in the market, is housed in the camera’s 10-shot film pack instead of a battery compartment within the camera. Whether you’re using the Polaroid 600 for the first time, or features such as the counter display, flash or flash ready light have stopped working, to use your camera you must place a fresh film pack in it to supply it with power.

Press the “Open/Close” button at the back of your Polaroid 600 camera to pop up the viewfinder and lens.

Push the film door release button on top of the camera to unlock the film door at the front. If the camera has film in it, grasp the tab at the front of the film, pull it straight out and then set the pack aside for disposal.

Remove the new film pack from its packaging and slide it into the empty slot.

Flip up and close the film door. If done correctly, the camera should automatically eject the film cover and the counter will read “10” -- the number of shots remaining. The battery in the film pack will now power the camera. Use the camera as desired.