How to Put Your Band Music on Facebook

By Ryan Dody

Digital audio files can be uploaded onto a Facebook page.
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A music page on Facebook is an important tool for creating and reaching out to a fan base. While there are several ways to make a page stand out, nothing is more important than having actual music uploaded for visitors to hear. In any case, a third-party application will be needed to achieve this goal. Most basic setups from these developers are free and include options for customizing the page. Startup bands and full-time managers alike are then able to upload original music onto Facebook.

Create and Establish a Page For Your Band

Log in to your Facebook account. Type "Pages" into the search bar and select "Enter." Click the "Create Pages" tab near the top-right corner.

Fill out any information about your artist as you see fit. The editing page should either load automatically or it can be found by selecting "Edit Info" near the top of the profile page. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page when you are finished. The information you choose to make public can be revised at any time.

Upload a profile picture by selecting the "Profile Picture" tab on the left side toolbar. Select "Choose File" and find the picture on your hard drive that you wish to use as your main image for the page. Like most features, this too can later be revised.

Upload Music

Research which third-party application fits best for your page. Type the name of the app into the search bar and select "Enter." When the page loads, select "Go To App." This action will most likely open a new window to the third-party site. Some names that have had widespread use include iLike, My Band and BandPage.

Follow the steps the application takes you through. You may be asked to fill out more basic information, upload another photo and confirm an email address. Each application will have a slightly different setup process.

Locate the music or content upload section. When prompted, select the file from your computer you wish to make available and follow the commands to complete the upload. Wait for the file to finish processing. If you have an account on other music-playing sites, such as SoundCloud or ReverbNation, you may be given the option to simply synch what you already have uploaded in those places.

Return to your Facebook page. Verify that the changes made on the third-party site have been linked to your account.