How to Put Ads on a Website to Make Money

by Joshua Duvauchelle

Running advertisements on your website is one of the most successful methods of generating revenue on your site. Many companies and marketers will pay a small fee for every view or click of an ad. By learning how to put ads on a website to make money, you can support your website development, and potentially even make a profit.

Review your website to identify areas in which you wish to put ads. Prime spots on a page include the top 300 pixels of a page, as well as the top left-hand side of a page. The least viewed and least read areas of a web page include the bottom half of the page and the footer area.

Determine how you wish to solicit markets and companies to advertise on your website. One of the most popular and easiest methods is to sign up for a third party advertising management program, such as Google AdSense or Yahoo! Publisher for text ads and ValueClick Media for banner ads (see the Resources section for links). Such programs allow you to insert a simple HTML code while the third party manages the ad and pays you for each view or click. Additionally, you may choose to contact businesses individually and offer your own advertising packages.

Register for an account with the third party program (such as Google AdSense), or create your own advertising packages and contact other businesses or websites that may be interested in advertising on your website. If you choose the latter route, determine an appropriate price to charge for advertisements. Contact similar websites and ask what they charge, and adjust accordingly for your website's individual demographics or visit numbers. Then, identify companies that would be interested in advertisements. For example, if your website is about dog care, companies that sell dog food or dog toys may be interested in advertising.

Upload the advertisement on your website. If using a third party resource, such as Yahoo! Publisher or Google AdSense, you will be provided with a short JavaScript or HTML code. Copy the code from your account page and paste it into your website where you want the ads to appear. The ad will automatically be served and displayed on your web page. If you are personally managing your advertisers, request that they send you a link as well as a banner image (or, if they wish to use text advertising, a short copy of their text ad) and upload to your web page.

Monitor the monetary success of your advertisements and tweak your web page to maximize your revenue. For example, if you are being paid for each click, you may wish to test ad locations to identify areas on your website that attract the most clicks. If you are being paid for each view, implement methods of gaining more traffic, such as search engine marketing or advertising your own website.


  • check Work on adding additional content to your website to give you more website real estate on which to place ads. Diligently promote your website to increase your site's traffic, thereby increasing the value of your site's ads and allowing you to charge more.

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