How to Put an ACSM File on a Nook

by Tiffany Garden

The ACSM file format is used by Adobe Digital Editions for digital rights management of its ebooks. You need to use the Digital Editions software to load any ebook that uses the ACSM files in conjunction with the ebook file. The ebook is loaded on to the Nook through Digital Editions, and the ACSM file is checked to make sure that the book is a legitimate copy and is eligible to be loaded on to the Nook.


Connect your data cable to your Nook, and the computer with Adobe Digital Editions installed, then turn on the Nook.


Launch Adobe Digital Editions. Click "Authorize Device" once the Adobe Digital Editions recognizes your Nook, then click "Finish."


Drag an ebook already loaded in to Adobe Digital Editions to the Nook device pane on the software. The ebook will automatically load to your Nook, and will be available for reading.

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