What Is the Purpose of a Laptop?

by Adam Brown

Laptops are fully functional computers that are designed for portability and convenience. When compared to a desktop tower computer, laptops are smaller, weigh less, have fewer components and consume less power. Despite this, laptops can often match the performance and price of comparable desktops. This makes laptops a great choice for college students and busy professionals who travel often.

Less Weight

Laptops weigh significantly less than that of desktop machines. Laptops are made into a single unit and they have the ability to fold in half for easy transport. Throughout the years, hardware manufacturers have been able to shrink the weight and dimensions of laptops. With the introduction of Ultrabooks, computer companies have created laptops weighing around three pounds. On the other hand, a desktop computer is often enclosed in a large, bulky shell, making its portability severely limited.

More Desk Space

Anyone who has owned a desktop computer is familiar with the work space problem these machines create. The computer itself will often take up a good percentage of your limited desk space, and its weight and awkward dimensions make it a chore to move around. A laptop will take up much less of your work space due to its smaller size. Laptops can also run on battery power, without the need for a power cable or separate power adapter.

Fewer Peripherals

Traditional desktop computers need a stand-alone monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and wires to be fully functional. Laptop computers combine all of these separate peripherals into one device. The keyboard, monitor and speakers are built in to the computer itself and the trackpad acts as the mouse. A major advantage to no separate peripherals is the issue of complexity. With laptops, you only need a power source to operate.

Travel and Portability

Laptops are made for portability due to their slim design and light weight. They can securely fit into almost any [backpack](https://society6.com/backpacks?utm_source=SFGHG&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=921) and can be carried without much fatigue. Thus, you can easily take a laptop to locations most convenient to you, such as classrooms, coffee shops and hotels. Laptops also have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter that lets you connect to the Internet in places with a wireless network.

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